Water Supply for project "Drie Koningen Amsterdam"

30.000 liters of water delivered in Amsterdam

26 October 2021

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Water Supply to the "Drie Koningen Amsterdam"

Melkweg|Fritom delivered water for a client at a very special location. For a construction project of 'The Three Kings' we delivered 30,000 liters of water for one of the silos.

The Three Kings of Amsterdam are three gigantic silos that first served as a sewage treatment plant. Because the water purification was taken over in 2006, nothing was done with the silos anymore. After the municipality of Amsterdam appealed to entrepreneurs for new repurposing plans for the silos, in 2018 Vink Bouw Nieuwkoop B.V., Grayfield Management, Consultancy and Urban Development and Brouwerij 't IJ came up with an ambitious plan called "The Three Kings".

"The three silos are named after the three kings Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar. In the western silo there will be a space for sports and games, in the middle silo there will be a cultural event space that serves as a living room for the neighborhood during the day, and in the eastern silo there will be a meeting space and a restaurant. The east silo will also be made available free of charge two days a month for special plans by local residents, schools or sports clubs. On January 6, 2019, the silos have been opened to local residents with an information market about these new plans. In the same year, the renovation of The Three Kings started."

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