Modal and Intermodal Tank Transport

Intermodal tank transport: A smart choice today makes for a good solution tomorrow. Via intermodal tank transportation we transport using multiple shipping modes or modalities. Long distances are often covered by rail or sea transport – while front- and backend transport often use road transport.

European Specialist In Liquid Products
European Specialist In Liquid Products
Extensive and sustainable network
Extensive and sustainable network
Safety and guaranteed quality first
Safety and guaranteed quality first
State-of-the-art communication
State-of-the-art communication

European specialist in liquid products

Day-to-day we manage the logistics of your liquids, like:

  • Vegetable oils
  • Edible oils
  • Sunflower oil
  • Olive oil
  • Rapeseed oil
  • Soya oil
  • Corn oil
  • Linseed oil
  • Glycerine
  • Fruit juices
  • Dairy products
  • Animal feed
  • GMP products
  • Used Cooking oil
  • Wine
Transport Liquids Oils
Intermodal Transport To Europe

Our intermodal transport in Europe

Making its way through almost every region of Europe:

  • Northern Europe (Denmark, Norway, Sweden & Finland)
  • Western Europe (The Netherlands, Belgium, France, United Kingdom & Ireland) 
  • Central Europe (Germany, Poland, Austria & Switzerland)
  • Southwest Europe (Portugal & Spain)
  • Southern & Southeast Europe (Italy, Romania & Greece)
  • Eastern Europe (Latvia, Estonia & Ukraine)

Do you see your country listed above? Then it is possible that you will spot one of our tank containers someday. Would you like to profit from this extensive network? Please contact us. Also when your country is not listed above (yet).


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Extensive and sustainable network

Within our extensive network our experienced planners schedule smart routes for over 600 tank containers. For this we work with local partners, most of which have cooperated with us for several decades. They not only speak the needed local language, but also understand local demands. This helps with a smooth turnover. Our tank containers can also be placed at the depot of our European partners, and if necessary be cleaned or repaired. Each and every one of our partners is audited, making sure we meet your specific demands.

By using intermodal transport, we make more miles via rail, inland shipping and ferries than by road. This helps us to reduce our CO2 emissions. Our trucks are equipped with EURO6 engines. Both logical steps in our sustainability philosophy. Together we can reduce our footprint.

Bringing a specialized team into play

Our team of excellent drivers possess a lot of know-how and skills. This helps, for instance, to reduce residual waste in tank containers to a bare minimum. Our highly experienced top planners have a lot of field experience, are trained in-house, and are in the know of all relevant laws and regulations regarding transport and food safety. Our colleagues care about and want to deliver the best possible solution for your business or help come up with needed alternatives. Based on KPIs, we continuously monitor performance and customer satisfaction. In turn, you have one point of contact regarding shipments and rates. 

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Safety and guaranteed quality first

We are your specialist for guaranteed high quality intermodal transport. Our quality certifications are proof of this:

  • ISO 22000 – This certification offers a clear context for the quality and continuous improvement of food safety. This shows you that we are on top of managing the risks around food safety.
  • GMP+FSA – This demonstrates that we meet all requirements and conditions to guarantee feed safety.
  • Kosher – We are also kosher certified, meaning that all food and ingredients used during preparation meet the kashrut regulations and is thus approved for consumption by the Jewish community.
State-of-the-art communication

State-of-the-art communication

You always know where you stand, because information like pickup and delivery times is put into and processed via the onboard computer or special Melkweg-app by our drivers. The system links this information directly to your order in the Transport Management System (TMS), visible to you in the online client portal. In this portal you can also download the CMR, cleaning certificate, and other relevant documents.

The communication is secured by the Order Entry team and our system in which your standard order pickup and delivery instructions are secured. Standard orders are accompanied by cleaning procedures, of which both the planner, as well as the driver know the requirements. This way you are guaranteed everything will be done according to your specific requirements.


Benefit from

  • Our European specialization in liquid products
  • An extensive and sustainable network
  • Bringing a specialized team into play
  • Safety and guaranteed quality
  • State-of-the-art communication

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