Our story

Once it started with 1 bulk milk pick up for 6 dairy farmers, nowadays Melkweg|Fritom is a logistic service provider offering intermodal transport with 600 tank containers.

Late 1960s: The start of bulk milk collection

The Wiersma, Doorenbos, and Veenstra families invest in collecting milk at dairy farmers and the transport to dairy factories: The so-called bulk milk pick up system (called RMO in Dutch) in Bolsward. They started out with 1 driver and 6 dairy farmers. Seven years later the company grows enormously and attains over 21 bulk milk tankers.

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1989: Melkweg intermodal tank transport

In 1989 the company Melkweg Müller Combination was founded which was specialized in intermodal transport of liquid food with tankcontainers. From 2006 the name changed into Melkweg|Fritom and the intermodal tank transport was combined with the bulk milk collection into 1 company. From Bolsward we now organize the transport of food, feed and technical products by road, water and rails.



1998: Fritom

In 1998 the family businesses Doorenbos, Wiersma, and Veenstra switch to the Fritom Group, of which Melkweg|Fritom is part of. Nowadays Fritom is a holding with six logistic companies and 9 locations: each of them with their own identity and specialism. They are independently operating companies, working together where necessary in the field of knowledge and organisation so every logistical challenge can be offered the best possible solution.

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2000: Innovation

We are leaders in the field of innovation. In 2000 Melkweg|Fritom purchases stainless steel containers who meet the ISO 22000-standards. We make extensive investments in smart data communication via mobile onboard computers for combined transport via road, rail and water across Europe. We always look at costs and sustainability: The combination of road, rail, and water transport is cheaper for the customer and less damaging to the environment.

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2017: Energy-neutral building

In 2017 we get a new, modern and completely sustainable building including garage and car wash. The roof is covered with solar panels and we collect rainwater to clean equipment and flush toilets. Even our bicycle shed is so-called green: It is made of a recycled tank container.

Now: The logistic service provider of liquid food

We pick up 3.700 tonnes of milk at 1300 dairy farmers using 75 drivers and 21 trucks, every single day of the year. Our trucks are equipped with a pump that pumps up to 1,5 cubic meters of milk per minute. For intermodal transport we have 600 tank containers available. The 85 employees of our family business work closely together to find the best possible logistical solutions for our customers. Together, the revenue of Fritom Liquid Logistics forms 35% of the total revenue of the Fritom Group.