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'IN & OUT' indicates a movement. For multiple years, the most important question on our minds was: will the United Kingdom remain IN the European Union, or will it go OUT? Now that Brexit has concluded, we know the answer to that question and we are faced with the consequences. Ever since January 1st, a lot of new procedures and administrative activities have been introduced in order to send goods IN or OUT of the UK. Are you seeking a reliable partner for the transport of liquid goods into or within the UK? With our fleet of more than 600 tank containers, we transport bulk edible products, animal feed products (GMP) and technical products.

Intermodal transport UK

Ever since its founding, Melkweg|Fritom has been active in liquid food transport using intermodal transport. With a large fleet of more than 600 of our very own tank containers, we make use of all possible modalities, such as road, rail, barge, and sea to transport your bulk liquids to and from the UK and Ireland.

For the shipping of bulk liquids to and from the UK, our ISO tank containers are very cost effective. These units are placed unaccompanied on the ferry crossing the Channel, reducing the costs of drivers. These tank containers are then picked up by local subcontractors for the unloading, cleaning, and loading of tank containers in the UK.

Product categories

In order to ship bulk liquid products of different categories such as food (HACCP), feed (GMP+), pharma, and technical (Cat. 3), separate ISO tank containers are used. Naturally, we follow the international laws, regulations, and instructions that apply to these products to guarantee food safety (NVWA).

Intermodal Transport UK

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Doing business prepared in an ongoing and much-changing Brexit.

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Mandatory inspection (NVWA)

When importing goods of animal origin, they must undergo a veterinary inspection upon arrival in the European Union. Melkweg|Fritom holds a strong position in the transport of liquid dairy products and other related goods. Upon arrival, an inspection at the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) is mandatory. We at Melkweg|Fritom have developed a procedure in consultation with the NVWA in which the administration settlement is prepared as much as possible. This results in a fast flow with minimal delay and guaranteed administration.

Custom declaration

As a result of Brexit, Melkweg|Fritom has set up its own customs clearance department to handle the customs clearance of goods going in and out of the UK. Every shipment is personally supervised. This results in a 100% thorough administration of import and export activities. This relieves our customers as much as possible and ensures that the border between the EU and the UK does not turn into a barrier.

Transport UK? Melkweg|Fritom

International tank transport crosses borders. We at Melkweg|Fritom have access to a reliable network of subcontractors and use the most efficient rail, shortsea, and ferry connections. Many intermodal rail connections are linked to the port of Rotterdam, and from there, ferry services further connect this network to London, Hull, and Newcastle. Years of cooperation and a growing number of shipments have ensured that Melkweg|Fritom has achieved a status among the various ferry services, which our clients can benefit from!

The strength of Melkweg|Fritom lies in personal care and commitment to each load. Our direct communication guarantees a smooth logistical process so that your loads are quickly going ‘IN & OUT’ of our ISO tank containers. We can guarantee this because Melkweg|Fritom has multiple container depots throughout the UK and the Netherlands with empty tank containers in stock. The capacity stored in these depots can be easily made available so that your shipment can be loaded relatively quickly.

Do you want to experience our bulk liquid transport to or from the United Kingdom? Please contact our sales manager for the region UK/Ireland.

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